Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What Has Happened to the GOP?

Seriously. I have disagreed with them in the past on issues. It's gone beyond that now. Where are the Rockefeller common sense Republicans? How about the Jack Kemp earnest about policies, but somewhat good hearted Republicans?

All I see now are theocracy, neo con lunacy, and an economic plan that shafts the lunatics in their base by afflicting the afflicted, and comforting the comfortable.

It's very depressing. I used to love in the eighties to talk with earnest young republicans about empowerment zone proposals by Jack Kemp. When's the last time anybody has had a nice discussion about that?

Does anybody believe any Republican lawmaker gives a shit about the poor, minorities, the disadvantaged anymore? Even if it was illusionary, it was a comforting illusion to have. The days where we were trying to reach the same goal, but had different philosophies how to get there is all gone.

These days the GOP is filled with fundamentalist, torture loving, rapture awaiting sheep in the base, and corporate criminals funding the whole show.