Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Imagine There's No Religion

This is not a post meant to bash religion, or religious people. It's about politics in the U.S. If you believe that persecuting gays, abortionists are more important than your economic well being because of the twisted notion that God wants you to be a hater, then your society politically will be organized in much the way that we have here in Washington.

Religion is the best thing that ever happened to the privileged class in America. It's almost a blank check to screw people over without much in the way of consequences because people are expecting heavenly rewards for putting up with so much crap.

Karl Rove happens to be an atheist. Really. Does it ever make anybody wonder why he runs campaigns targeting fundamentalists when he doesn't believe a lick of what they are saying? He runs on what I call the three F's; flags, fags, and fetuses. Vote for us and we will protect the fetus, and get those dirty hippies. Oh, we are cutting taxes on your boss too. Don't worry about that. It will trickle down to you.

What is more important than doing things in your economic interest is to be right with God. He hates those homos. Vote Republican.

Our two party system is set up to create the anti poor and working class environs we are surrounded with today. Half of Republicans want universal health coverage. They want to bash gays and bomb people more.

If we acted as if life was precious on earth, imagined for a second how people should be treated if this was their one shot at life, it doesn't mean we turn into communists. It gives us an opportunity for a little bit more compassion.