Monday, August 20, 2007

They Want Our Precious Fluids

The following is a sample of what gets posted on Townhall is a right wing online site that is sort of like World Net Daily (Wingnut Daily), but considered more mainstream by some. Today, author Douglas MacKinnon reveals that a cabal of South Americans and Islamists are guaranteed to nuke a U.S. city.

Tragically, horrifyingly, but quite predictably, it’s going to happen. The only question being which American city or cities?

In a recent conversation with a former high level intelligence operative of our government, I raised the possibility of terrorists successfully detonating a nuclear weapon within the United States. His response was sobering in its hopelessness.

First, he stressed how grateful he was that he did not work in Washington, DC, and that his family lived far enough out to survive the coming nuclear blast. When I pressed him as to why he was so sure that Islamic terrorists – with or without the help of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez – would eventually hit DC or another American city with a nuclear weapon, his anger boiled out.

He pointed the finger squarely at our politicians and our politically correct, left-leaning media, who, in his opinion, have “sealed our fate.”

Andy Rooney, why do you hate America?