Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dennis Kucinich And Ron Paul Are Getting Hosed

Neither of these men are my personal preference for President. They each though have points that none of the other candidates are making that are intriguing. It's my job as a voter to decide if I choose to support either man.

The media has decided that the choice shouldn't be mine. They don't like either man, so they go out of their way to give them the shaft. This is the same media who continually tells us that they are the impartial arbitrators of society and they have no dog in the fight.


There have been reports that several members of the press loathe John Edwards and that the media horde were high fiving each other when Mike Huckabee came in second in Iowa because the press corpse likes him.

It's understandable that the media does need to filter things out for the public. If Joey, your neighbor in apartment 3C decided to run for President, of course they shouldn't be given the respect and platform that other candidates receive.

The latest bit of cuteness is the reaction to Dennis Kucinich winning the online poll at ABC for the latest Democratic debate held this past Sunday. On the front page of the debate coverage, there is a picture of all the candidates (except Kucinich). Frankly, this is a bit juvenile.

This whole electability thing can be a self fulfilling prophecy. If a candidate isn't independently wealthy, or able to tap into huge amounts without help, he or she is doomed if the media decides that they don't like their positions.

The media ignores the candidate. Therefore, few people hear what they have to say. The media takes a poll that shows the candidate they have ignored is low in the polls, therefore justifying Operation Ignore.

The nerve to suggest that there is some scientific abstract non-biased way we choose candidates is hubris on steroids. Dennis Kucinich is not a perfect candidate (for me at least). But, by getting himself elected repeatedly to the house of representatives he has earned the right to let me choose that by myself.

At least have the respect for the voters to say you hate Kucnich, think he looks like an elf so are ignoring him if you think voters are too unsophisticated to reject him like you so obviously have done.

Obama, who I mostly like, is mostly a creation of the media. They chose to turn him into a star. They could have given him the same coverage that Chris Dodd has gotten the last few years. In their defense, they claim there is a magic coverage fairy that forces them to hype certain candidates and ignore others. Nonsense.

On the Republican side, Ron Paul is very different from the other candidates. He is mostly a libertarian, but still socially conservative, against the war, a strong proponent of state rights, and again popularly elected to a congressional district. His supporters are incredibly enthusiastic.

The media doesn't like him. So fucking what? Seriously. So fucking what?

End rant...