Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Under The Hillary Clinton Administration

Ann Coulter will be shipped to a secret black ops prison in Syria to be tortured. Coulter has suggested killing supreme court justices, and blowing up the NY Times building. She needs to be hooked up to a few electrical wires to make sure she isn't just talking out of turn.

Rush Limbaugh will have his phone wiretapped, and all his email read. He is a known criminal drug offender who has been caught with illegal substances overseas. Terrorism is fueled by the drug trade. The NSA can stick a bug where the sun don't shine.

When Utah gets hit with a massive blizzard, President Hillary can take a vacation and appoint Pauly Shore as a temporary FEMA head to run emergency operations in red sections of the country. His career is a disaster, so it should be a good fit. He also has as much qualification as Michael Brown.

Vice President Obama will be allowed to shoot Robert Novak in the face, refuse media interviews, and turn Cheney's secret hideaway into a lesbian resort center. Mary Cheney isn't allowed in though. There are standards to keep.

Using the powers in the Patriot Act, President Clinton will appoint Martin Sheen, Barbara Streisand, and Ben Affleck as US Attorneys without Senate confirmation. They will help enforce the transition to one world rule. This reminds me.

Yes, the fundamentalist christians will have their bibles taken from them by the UN stormtroopers in the black helicopters. The re-education camps will be centered in the heartland of the country so they feel more comfortable. Michael Moore has agreed to shoot some documentaries for their indoctrination pleasure.

Everybody must have an abortion. Even if you are menopausal or a dude, it's the law. Deal with it.

Karma is fun.