Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

We Americans are a funny lot. We bitch about unfair taxes on tea, revolt against our colonial overlords, then start drinking coffee instead. We also like to blow shit up. As my neighbors set off explosives, some legal some not, I often ponder if they are thinking about the constitutional convention, the Boston Massacre, or the winter at Valley Forge.

Nah, they just want to set things on fire.

We are going to miss all that loveliness here today as the trifecta clan is taking an overnight road trip four and a half hours away for a family bbq. Nothing reminds me more of the debate between the revolutionaries and the tories more than the choice between burgers or chicken.

We should be back safely tomorrow afternoon unless somebody goes overboard drinking a case of Samuel Adams (in honor of the patriot) before getting out on the road with us.

President George W. Bush just put Scooter Libby above the law. He is playing King George for the holiday.

Let freedom ring in our ears with the concussion of an explosive. Let it sparkle too. Roman candles are out though(too ethnic).

Happy 4th!