Friday, July 13, 2007

Turning A Tragedy Into A Political Farce

Michelle Malkin is attempting to make political points out of a tragedy that has befallen an immigrant family from Ukraine who have settled in Tacoma, Washington. Their twelve year old daughter was murdered by another immigrant. Malkin has titled her running "coverage" of this tragedy "Bloody consequences of open borders: The kidnapping and murder of Zina Linnik ". This girl was killed because of immigration, so we must close the borders. Would you like to step on the girl's coffin and mug holding a "Close the Borders" placard while you are at it?

The actual story is quite tragic. Terapon Adhahn was an abused child born in Thailand. When he was ten, his mother met a U.S. Special Forces soldier who she married. The family moved to the U.S. soon after. He grew up an army brat, and enlisted himself when he left high school. He spent seven years in the U.S. Army and was married. That was when he was convicted of the incest statutory rape of a sixteen year old relative.

He could have been deported, because apparently even though he would have been qualified due to his marriage, his service in the military, and also because he had a child born in this country, he didn't have citizenship.

Police have arrested him under suspicion of murdering Zina Linnik That is what Michelle Malkin is busy crowing about. The fact that he wasn't deported and he now murdered a young girl is proof that our open border policy is leading to tragedies such as these.

By most reasonable standards, the man is an American. He came over as a child, served seven years in our Army, spending his formative years here. Blaming this on lax immigration is offensive and exploitative.

Of course the same tactic was attempted with the Virginia Tech tragedy. That killer had been in the U.S. legally for 15 of his 23 years. We have a problem with immigration in this country. These stories are not typical stories of illegal immigration, and to use them to attempt to affect policy is an offense to the victims.