Friday, July 06, 2007

Rupert Murdoch Buys Dow Jones

A UK business magazine says it all a done deal for the purchase price of five billion dollars. For those who are terrified of what the paper will turn into, need not fear about the editorial side. They really can't get much crazier.

Rupert Murdoch really isn't a conservative anyways. He supported Labor in England, the communist party in China, and Hillary Clinton as well. The Fox Noise channel is just a target brand. If Murdoch could squeeze more bucks out of selling Birkenstocks to hippies, he would do that instead.

Brand Murdoch is all about brand Murdoch. In the US, our right wing lunatics are willing to deregulate the media industry, so his operations here reflect a right wing bias. He is hedging his bets with Senator Clinton though. If she wins, don't expect any big changes.

The one big change is that there will be page 3 girls in the Wall Street Journal. But, they will have to give a stock tip in addition to flashing their boobs.