Friday, July 06, 2007

Populism Redefined Washington Style.

David Broder in yesterday's Washington Post had another column that made me scratch my head and wonder what the heck is going on. He worries that there is too much accountability and small 'd' democracy occuring with leaders paying too much heed to the rabble down below. As examples of this, he mentions the killing of the immigration bill and the loss of fast track authority for the President in negotiating trade deals.

The belief that official Washington is deaf to the people's wishes is a staple of political rhetoric for both Republicans and Democrats -- even those, including Thompson, who have operated inside the Beltway for decades.

Let a reporter who is not running for anything suggest that exactly the opposite may be true: A particularly virulent strain of populism has made official Washington altogether too responsive to public opinion.

Too responsive? Supermajorities of 70% plus want universal health care and for us to leave Iraq. How is that going David? The reason the Republican base was followed in their nativist orgy on the immigration bill was because the moneyed interests who fund the GOP didn't want the bill either. It was bad for business. The status quo is fine for them. They get the cheap labor, who are in a legal neverland, and profits keeps rolling in.

We have had a 15 year experience with Free Trade agreements in this country btw Mr. Broder. How is that manufacturing base doing? I think that in an era of engine coolant poisoned toothpaste, baby bibs and children's toys covered in lead paint, and some stories too sick to mention, there might be a very good fucking reason to take a step back and figure out what we are trying to achieve with trade.

If the goal of free trade is to enlarge the potential labor base driving down wages as more workers compete for the same manufacturing jobs, it is working beautifully. The fact that communities have had their $20 an hour manufacturing jobs replaced with $8 jobs at Wal-Mart doesn't make me people xenophobes, or viurlently offensive. It means that they have been screwed.

If pompous blowhard columnists were being outsourced for half the price to India, David Broder would be singing a quite different tune. There are real people who hurt from the ability of reporters to buy fedoras at a cheaper price, to borrow a construct from Al Franken.

Never do you once acknowledge the pain of people who have lost either purchasing power, or jobs, crushing their American dream by immigration or trade hitting their industry hard.

What amazes me is that Broder is known in his industry as the guy in touch with main street. If they renamed Wall Street, Main Street maybe so.

Broder is the kind of guy who can say nothing about non violent drug offenders rotting in prison, but have tender concern about Scooter Libby having his hair mussed.

I am sick and fucking tired of elites who ignore the genuine concerns of working people, then scream raging mob when coincidentally things go the people's way.

Just trying to be responsive to you Dave.