Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eat The Rich. They Taste Like Chicken

If you landscape gardens, remodel bathrooms or sell real estate, you're probably taxed at the usual income tax rates — up to 35 percent of your income. But if you're a private-equity fund manager, you might take home $1 billion or more in fees for handling investments for the wealthy, and you enjoy a low tax rate of 15 percent.

If that doesn't strike you as fair, you're in good company. Democrats in Congress are zeroing in on this discrepancy and promising to fix it.

When are the gay bashing, fetus loving numbskulls going to get it straight in their heads that their social services are being cut, their payroll taxes hiked to support lavish lifestyles of the people who actually fund the Republican Party who don't actually give a shit about abortion or the gays, but continue to fun candidates who say they do, so you vote against your own economic interests?

Karl Rove is an atheist admittedly so. He runs campaigns on Godly values. Do you ever wonder about this and think? Or are you too busy worrying that some guy might be buttfucking somebody else in the privacy of their own bedroom, so you vote for another asshole like David Vitter who is diddling prostitutes while cutting taxes on the rich, and voting to close off funding that is targeted to your local library. But he hates gays! How enobling!

Enough of this crap. A famous wag once wrote that democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. They were wrong. Democracy is 20 sheep being convinced by 1 wolf that mutton is an excellent choice. It's totally not sheep.

Eat the rich. Like kobe beef they have been fed on a diet of the very best, pampered and massaged, unworked out, with not a care in the world.

Or you could vote for somebody who wants to write a constitutional amendment against flag burning. That will sure fix em. Who it will fix, I don't know. Stupidity has it's own internal logic.