Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Drug War Politicized By Loyal Bushies

Former Karl Rove aide Sara Taylor fought her subpoena to testify before congress under the executive privilige theory before finally relenting. Now, we may know why.

Taylor signed off on a plan to fly the "Drug Czar", a person considered non-partisan, to the districts of GOP incumbent house members who were facing tough re-election bids in 2006.

Here in my district, Charles Taylor(no relation)held a meeting with John P. Walters that was a naked attempt to boost Taylor's ultimately unsucessful race against challenger Heath Shuler.

On Aug. 1, Walters, director of the drug office, met with (Patrick) McHenry and six local sheriffs in Lenoir, in Caldwell County. There, they talked about sheriffs' appreciation for specialized drug courts.

The same day, Walters held a press conference in Asheville with Taylor, who was in a tight race for re-election. Walters praised Taylor's work combating methamphetamine.

Last week, the former Surgeon General testified that science was blocked and the truth withheld in order to promote a partisan agenda. Incredibly, he was also required to mention President Bush positively three times per page in every speech he gave.

Add this new data to the politicization of the justice department, and it's not hyperbole to state that our executive branch is out of control.

The whole drug war thing in my opinion is wrong headed and we should work towards decriminalization and treatment for addicts. While this drug war continues, it would be nice if the person leading the effort isn't flown around the country based on which candidate has poll numbers that need a boost.