Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Chicken Little, Scientists Spar On Sky's Stability

The headline today in the Washington Post reads 'Gonzales, Senators Spar on Credibility'. Once again, journalism is twisted to be "balanced" when the facts don't support any nuance. EVERY Senator taking part in discussions with Gonzales who has gone on the record, has called him untruthful about a meeting that took place. Yesterday, Gonzales tried to blame the group of bipartisan Senators for going to visit then AG Ashcroft in the hospital while Ashcroft was sedated.

Former Senator Daschle, Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Rockefeller all say Gonzales is lying. Gonzales has no credibility. The acting AG James Comey disputes Gonzales' account as well.

Spar on credibility? Our AG lies repeatedly in front of congress. He is continually contradicted by everybody who testifies. He was contradicted by Monica Goodling, Kyle Sampson, James Comey, now three powerful members of congress.

They are just sparring though. It's bullshit language that allows this criminal to stay in office. Our chief law enforcement official is a liar. The Post knows it, the congress knows it, the White House knows it, but we politely dance around the issue like it's a matter of somebody passing gas in an elevator.

No wonder out constitution is being violated repeatedly. No, check that. We are sparring over the meaning of the bill of rights.