Thursday, July 26, 2007

Can I Vomit Please?

Jen and I have had a great time traveling across Iowa. So far we have visited 72 counties and have been able to see the world's largest catfish, the world's largest frying pan, the world's largest bull and the world's largest truck stop. We have also seen the birthplace of John Wayne, the covered bridges of Madison county, beautiful lakes, small towns preserved to their original state and a lot of historic Dutch windmills. However, the thing we have by far enjoyed the most is getting to meet the wonderful people of Iowa. This truly is the heartland of America and the people here have been as nice to us as we ever could have imagined.

This is the latest inane post from one of the five adult sons of Mitt Romney. They make the Osmond brothers sound like inner city hoods. Focus on message continues. Iowa is the mostest important stave ever, by golly! The fact that you are one of the first two states to vote isn't what makes you swell either. We just love vacationing in the grooviest (pardon my course language) state!

This has to be an act. It's fucking annoying as hell.