Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bush's Base Contemplates Evolutionary Theory

The Bush loving denizens of Free Republic have not been accused of being intelligent, well groomed, able to walk on all fours. The majority of them are dedicated to God(well the angry gay hating one), guns, and George W. Bush. Not surprisingly, evolution upsets them. Being accused of being a chimpanzee is one thing,(they get that alot), but sharing ancestors with them sets them off on edge. In today's episode of let's peak in on the primordial ooze, Freepers discuss evolution.

I agree, not only is the Church of Darwin grasping as straws, it’s just plain bad science.

The THEORY of evolution is the biggest non-scientific debacle next to global warming. Nothing in the natural world tends to order, to more complexity. Second law of thermodynamics says that all tends toward disorder—that entropy is constantly increasing. Evolution flat-out contradicts science!

I’m a computer programmer... can you please tell me how my view of life’s origins contributes to my computing skills?

In fact , because I’m a programmer and I know if i type one single character wrong, my software won’t function... yet i’m expected to believe that something as complicated as the biochemical software that is DNA sprang up spontaneously from nowhere.. that is like asking for something like Windows Vista to have naturally evolved.

The Bible says death entered this world through Adam’s sin... meaning before Adam,no death. No death, no fossils.

You “science” guys sure are spiteful angry liliputians.

Life obviously evolved to BELIEVE IN GOD..
unless life didn't speciate at all..

Darwin and Dawkins missed that..
Belief in God is a high level evolution of mentality..
Lack of belief in God or not caring is a low level mentality..
Purely logically speaking of course..

One common thread winnows its way through each of the Darwinist’s personalities. Arrogance. It is always in the forefront of any response that questions their closely-held beliefs.

They remind me of limousine-liberals, with their condescending and insulting attitudes of assumed superiority.

Oh, yes. Let us not forget their hypocrisy. What they damn with one side of their faces, they praise with the other side, as long as it fits their particular zealotry.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth...

Well, time for me to go. I’m off to the Grand Canyon to learn why it is powerful proof for the flood, and against uniformitarianism. See you all in a few days.