Sunday, June 03, 2007

Neo-Con Michael Ledeen Versus Reality

Andy asks pointedly when the War on Terror became a charade, and it's a serious question. Maybe it happened when Bush proclaimed "Mission Accomplished."

how about when Bush withdrew troops from Afghanistan, let Osama go at Tora Bora?

I mean, once the commander-in-chief says the war is over, it's hard to say to people, "no, not quite yet, it's actually a Long War."

The war is over. We are in occupation mode now.

Maybe it happened when the White House, in the person of Steve Hadley, apologized for a true statement delivered by the president in a State of the Union Address. Once you've done that, it's hard to say to people, "but look here, we've got it right this time."

The "true statement" Ledeen is referring to is the claim that Iraq was attempting to get yellowcake from Niger. Michael Ledeen is a dangerous lunatic who should only be allowed crayons and soft objects in his padded cell

Maybe it happened when the administration refused to force the release of intelligence on the chemical weapons found in Iraq.

Yes, Hussein has massive amounts of chemical weapons. We are just classifying it to keep Bush's approval level low, and as a way to make sure the WMD argument was discredited. It's all part of Rove's master plan.

Maybe it happened when the administration told the military to shut up about all the evidence of Iranian involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq and Gaza.

Ledeen desperately wants us to bomb Iran. I really didn't have to tell you that though did I? Ledeen can go in as our recon force first. His record has been spotty so far, but heck a broken clock is right two times a day isn't it? In Ledeen's long life, his clock hasn't hit high noon yet. It's due any time now!