Monday, June 11, 2007

Free Scooter Libby and Fire Alberto Gonzales

That is the thrust of curmugeonly traitor Robert Novak's column today in the Post. Why does he still have a job with anybody other than Fox News btw?

One of his worst bits I will highlight in case you don't feel like reading the rest.

One Republican who did not watch her words last week was Washington lawyer Victoria Toensing: "If the president can pardon 12 million illegal immigrants, he can pardon Scooter Libby." Toensing is joining the procession supporting the still-unannounced run for president by Fred Thompson, who is unequivocal in his outrage over Libby's fate and asserts that he would pardon him.

Too much to digest there for me. Victoria Toensing is a real piece of work. She and Bob probably get along fabulously. It intrigues me though that the asshole and assholette faction of the GOP brainless trust are rallying behind Fred Thompson and his daughter wife.