Monday, June 25, 2007

Cleaning Out The Garage

Mrs. Trifecta insisted that we clean out the garage today. Apparently the space-time continuum would have collapsed if it wasn't done now. I saved the universe. You can thank me.

Going through the garage which is our wasteland of forgotten things is a learning experience. Boxes that hadn't been recycled signifying purchases of recent vintage. Bassinet, car seats, and toy boxes reveal our recent purchasing habits.

There is much in the garage that we never use. We received a set of Christmas plates a few years back that we haven't bothered using yet. There is a shiatsu massager I bought for Mrs. Trifecta in the failed hope that she would find a substitute for my hands on her shoulders every night at bed. There are clothes that never fit given as gifts, and little odds and ends as far as the eye can see.

We are such consumers of things, yet much of what we buy does not go used or appreciated. There were gifts to and from me that were discarded a few days after being used, if touched at all. There is a bicycle that never seems to be taken out for a ride since we have had our two children, a picture never framed.

We do donate to Goodwill. Even still, we horde and collect things in the garage using the unrealistic hope that one day we will find a purpose for it. If the collected retail price of everything unused in our garage was totaled together, we would have enough money to buy something else we don't need.What gives me joy is my wife, our kids, our family, friends, and our pets. Books, the internet, television/movies in that order are my major diversions.

This knickknack bought for $7, and that one bought for $3 adds up to a lot of junk. Trying to convince Mrs. Trifecta to part with shoes that haven't touched her feet in seven years will be a tough chore.

But the garage is cleaned now. At least that is something.