Friday, June 22, 2007

Aqua Velva Is Bad For the Ozone Layer

I was watching Chris Matthews today, wearing nothing but aqua velva, smoking a cigar, and having a good time. Melanie Morgan popped on my tv. Melanie Morgan is a lightweight talk show host from the San Francisco area. Debating her on global warming, energy policy, and Hillary's pantsuits was Robert Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy has spent much of his adult life studying the issue of global warming. Morgan watched a Fox News special on Global warming half way through until 'According to Jim' came on. Melanie Morgan started off early calling him Bobby Kennedy in a mocking tone to be cute. I spritzed the room with English leather, and rubbed the head of my Giuliani 9/11 action figure for good luck. This was getting serious.

Kennedy brought up the theory that if Reagan didn't kill off CAFE standards in the early 80's, we wouldn't be reliant on foreign oil, and we might have avoided being involved in two Gulf Wars, and 9/11 might not have happened.

Melanie Morgan says that is ridiculous. So ended her Socratic argument. Her rebuttal did make me think. What is up with Chris Matthews and the homo-eroticism? About the "conservative" side of the issue, not so much.

Exasperated, Kennedy said that you could listen to a talk show host on one hand, or the leading scientists from 120 countries. Melanie Morgan giggled.

Does she find Fred Thompson sexy too?

Monday on Hardball, Stephen Hawking will debate Ann Althouse on quantum physics, the age of the universe, and Hillary Clinton's latest diet tips.