Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Washington Post And Cognitive Dissonance

Fred Hiatt, my favorite Op-Ed writer to criticize, actually has two decent editorials today in the paper. The first goes into the details of Alberto Gonzales trying to trick John Ashcroft from his hospital bed into approving an illegal program. The other castigates all the GOP candidates other than McCain for approving of torture.

Here is my problem though. Hiatt and the editors of the Washington Post are aware of the fact that the Bush Administration is out of control. They harm our reputation around the world, they try to skirt the law, and are incompetent.

At the same time though, they want us to give them chance after chance in Iraq. As if the first issue isn't related as to why giving them more chances isn't a bad idea. If you hire somebody to remodel your house and he breaks coding laws, doesn't have a design plan that is workable, does shoddy work, the answer isn't to give him more opportunities to fix the problem after his first eight solutions failed.

You need to cut your losses one way or the other. You bug out and get a new contractor, or you fix the damage the best way you can and realize you were a big idiot for trusting him.