Monday, May 21, 2007

Robert Novak Accuses Democrats of Raising Taxes.

Robert Novak, the prince of darkness, who helped out CIA agent Valerie Plame, and is a traitor to our country is now accusing the democrats of being tax raisers.

Novak can argue this because his ethical standards lie somewhere between Vlad the Impaler and Karl Rove (yes, it is a tight squeeze between them). Here is the Republican spin on taxes. Say taxes are at 30% for 50 years. A bunch of yahoos come in, and lower them to 2%. It is an insane policy. However, even if these tax rates were just in place for 1 year, if you suggested raising taxes back to 5%, you are a Godless tax hiker. It's a neat trick isn't it?

The democrats want to let the George W. Bush tax cuts expire, because they are fiscally irresponsible. But since everybody has ever forgotten about what the higher income groups paid, oh say six years ago, those dangerous Democrats are raising taxes by not renewing a tax break for the people who find virgin albino goats for Novak's midnight sacrifices.

I am suggesting that as part of our taxes each year, we are forced to go to DC and punch a traitorous columnist in the groin twice. Maybe next year we can reduce it to one punch, to lower our tax burden.