Monday, May 21, 2007

Rewarding People Who Do The Right Thing

Ever since Earth In The Balance Came out a decade and a half ago, I have been a huge fan of Al Gore. His passion in policy and making a genuine difference beyond the usual spin and platitudes is breathtaking in today's cynical world of politics that is more related to raw power than the power of ideas. Al Gore's new book The Assault on Reason is something that we can read to not only learn, and think, but to say thanks to Al Gore for what he does. Here is an excerpt of the tome published in Time Magazine.

The reason the media pay any attention to an Al Gore, or an Al Franken, or even a Michael Moore is because they put butts in seats at the movie theaters, or sell a ton of books. As any passionate progressive knows, the guest list for political shows is tilted a wee bit to the right. The only way our view ever gets across sometimes is by supporting artists of the left until their popularity becomes so great, that they can no longer be ignored.

Buy Al Gore's book for yourself and for friends.