Tuesday, May 22, 2007

After My Oscar Win, I Will Try Theater Next

David Ignatius has a typically inane column in the Washington Post that he apparently wrote while visiting Disney World. I suspect Goofy helped him craft this effort.
President Bush and his senior military and foreign policy advisers are beginning to discuss a "post-surge" strategy for Iraq that they hope could gain bipartisan political support. The new policy would focus on training and advising Iraqi troops rather than the broader goal of achieving a political reconciliation in Iraq, which senior officials recognize may be unachievable within the time available.

The revamped policy, as outlined by senior administration officials, would be premised on the idea that, as the current surge of U.S. troops succeeds in reducing sectarian violence, America's role will be increasingly to help prepare the Iraqi military to take greater responsibility for securing the country.

After I discover all the pirate treasure, I will build a mansion on a big tree in the sky. Some guy says he has these magic beans that can all be mine for one quadrillion billion dollars!

But wait! The plan is different this time.
Train Iraqi security forces and support them as they gain sufficient intelligence, logistics and transport capability to operate independently.

Doing this, we will stand down as they stand up. That's a new concept. Maybe, if the military members are busy training, they will discontinue being members of ethnic death squads as well. They will likely be tuckered out. The one thing we know that stops genocides is giving the people who want to perpetrate it better skills.

I will be back in a bit. Some guy has a treasure map he will part with for just a few hundred thousand dollars. We are meeting alone in a dark alley. It is so exciting!