Friday, May 25, 2007

Joe Klein Gives His Two Cents And Is Broke Now

In Swampland, the Time Magazine blog, Joe Klein shows his disappointment with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for voting against the Iraq funding supplemental. Joe Klein contemplated using logic, reason, and figures to make this point, but didn't have time, so he posted the following to his blog.

I was wrong, sadly, last week to say that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would vote for the Iraq supplemental bill.

Joe Klein was wrong about something. Let's alert the press! Poor Klein. He has been wrong on a great many things when it comes to this war. I bet he is polishing off his resume, because Time will fire him and replace him with somebody who "gets it right".

They voted against. As readers here know, I would have voted for the bill.

We are quite aware of your stupidity when it comes to international affairs. Pretending to be a vocal anti-war critic when you went on tv cheering on the war was pretty dumb, but that's just rubbing salt into your wounds.

Voting against it means you're in favor of a precipitous departure from Iraq.

No it doesn't you cocktail weenie munching muddle headed mess. What, the troops were going to be drinking from the Tigris river and stealing goats for sustenance tomorrow unless this vote went through? You could actually believe giving the President a blank check was a bad idea without deciding to call John Travolta up, tell him we need to fly into Baghdad tomorrow to pick up some troops because we had no time to spare.

I'm for a careful departure from Iraq, and an immediate disengagement from the areas of most intense factional fighting like Baghdad.

In other words, I just like watching my lips move and mouthing platitudes.

I respectfully disagree with those like, Russ Feingold, who have consistently taken a different view.

Feingold was right about the Patriot Act, the War, and the criminality of the Bush administration. That makes him a smarty-pants in my book. Nobody likes that.

It's difficult, though, to have much respect for Clinton and Obama, who--when you hear them speak--are opposed to an immediate withdrawal, but voted for a measure which, if passed, would force one.

They voted against a funding measure, not for one last night, but those are just facts and semantics. Again, just because you don't let your "special" cousin use your car doesn't mean you are morally opposed to transportation.

You might say, this was a symbolic vote. It wasn't. It was a political vote.

A politician taking a political stand? Next you will tell me that an auto dealer tried to sell somebody a car!

Yesterday I spoke with Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-Ca.) just back from Iraq, who voted for the bill--as did a majority of Democrats who are not running for President.

Jane Harman was wrong on the Iraq war. Kind of like you Joe. That is why Nancy Pelosi wisely booted her from leadership. Most of the democrats in the house voted against it. Take out Kucinich though, and there was a clear majority of sensible democrats in that chamber though. I am referring to your rectum Joe, to replicate your figures because that is where they apparently originated.

"Look, I would love to have cast a vote against Bush on this. We need a new strategy and I hope we can force one in September," she told me. "But I flew into Baghdad on a troop transport with 150 kids, heading into the field. To vote against this bill was to vote against giving them the equipment, the armor they need. I couldn't do that."

You found somebody as reality challenged as you Joe. Heckuva job.

Update:My bad. I took Klein at his word on Harman's vote. She voted no. I apologize for not believing he could be THIS carefree with the facts.