Monday, April 30, 2007

Virginia Ends Gun Loophole

Now the mentally ill who have been involuntarily committed for psychiatric treatment will no longer be allowed to purchase fire arms legally following an executive order by Governor Kaine.

I wish we would stop being so reactive on things like these. Mentally ill people who are dangers to themselves and others need compassionate treatment, and don't need easy access to firearms. Do we really need Virginia Tech to tell us this? I suspect that this will not be the last case of a mentally disturbed individual killing people with guns.

The NRA will likely fight this in court. The crazy wingnuts will too. They are always worried that they are going to get institutionalized for their weird views. If only!!! They have nothing to fear. You have to be pretty out of control to get hospitalized these days. The fact that we have a culture of violence, and a culture that does not do enough for mentally ill people is not unrelated. We don't need more Virginia Tech incidents to tell us this.