Monday, April 02, 2007

Rudy Giuliani's Wife Judi Is A Puppy Murderer

There is a disturbing story today in the NY Post. Judi Nathan worked for US Surgical for four years, and demonstrated their stapling technique. What the company would do was procure dogs, cut them open, staple them up to demonstrate the product's efficiency to the doctors. Those dogs who survived the surgery were euthanized. She worked there for four years.

In Sunday's Post, Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign spokesman, Michael McKeon, said of Judi Giuliani's work with U.S. Surgical, "She was in the operating room hundreds of times, using her nursing skills and training doctors in the stapling technique."

Asked yesterday about the procedure being performed on dogs, McKeon said, "I've never heard any of this before."

Then McKeon said he would have to ask Judi.

Finally, he said only that Judi had not been involved in procuring dogs for sales demonstrations - but did not comment on whether she participated in demonstrations involving dogs.

In other words, somebody else got the puppies, Judi just butchered and killed them for demonstrations to doctors. I think Rudy might be right. Both on marriage #3, they are soul mates.