Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Other Top Story In The World

On the ABC radio news tonight, after the coverage of the massacre at Virginia Tech, there was space for some more coverage of top events that will shape our world.
So, they discussed the fact that according to campaign finance reports, John Edwards got two $400 hair cuts in Los Angeles. Because other than school shootings, Edwards' "looking pretty" as they put it, is the most crucial information that Americans need to know.

Laura Bush spends $700 to get her hair done. It doesn't lead the news though. Funny that. It appears that the Clinton rulebook is back in full swing. Personally, I find it ridiculous that Edwards' spends so much money on a haircut, but he is rich. Rich people tend to get expensive haircuts, like Laura Bush does as well.

I expect a detailed analysis now on what Mitt Romney pays. Does anybody thinks he goes to SuperCuts for his coiffure? The stupid thing Edwards did was to bill it to the campaign so the media could mock him instead of actually covering his position proposals and what they mean to average voters.

Perhaps tomorrow night ABC news can cover the war in Iraq, and Hillary's pantsuits. Then they can discuss North Korea diplomacy and Obama's fancy shoes on Thursday. I will stop. It's likely they are getting ideas for stories.