Sunday, April 22, 2007

Newt Gingrich Blames Liberals For Being An Ass

Obviously, liberals are to blame for everything including Virginia Tech according to the Newtster. In the link, it is noted that Newt blamed liberalism for Columbine. What should have been mentioned was Gingrich's other history of pulling this crap.

Every time something bad happens, liberals are to blame. Take that fine young liberal woman Susan Smith who drowned her kids. According to Gingrich, it was the fault of the lefties. Then reality kicked in.
Journalists might also ask Gingrich about Smith's stepfather, Beverly Russell. Prior to the kids' disappearance, Russell was busily campaigning not for the depraved Democrats, but for Newt Gingrich and his minions. Russell was a Republican leader in South Carolina and local organizer of Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition.
During the nine days that Susan Smith had the country hunting for a nonexistent black carjacker, Russell urged nationwide prayer for the two missing kids: "All we can do is pray. This is a nightmare."
A prominent businessman and stockbroker, Russell married Smith's mom after she divorced Smith's dad (who later committed suicide). From the age of six, Russell raised Susan Smith in an upper-middle-class, church-going home. Gingrich's campaign comments notwithstanding, the home was free of counterculture and welfare-state influences.
But Susan Smith attempted suicide at age 13, and at age 15 told authorities that her stepdad had been sexually molesting her for at least a year. Her mother helped talk her out of pursuing charges against Russell. (At age 18, she attempted suicide again.)

In other words, this act is getting extremely stale. In 1994 it was Susan Smith, then in 1999 it was Columbine, now it's Virginia Tech and the serial adulterous, hypocritical windbag is given a microphone to say these things repeatedly without rebuttal. I am tired of the act. Did liberals make Newt divorce his first wife (and geometry teacher) when she had cancer? Did liberals make Newt have to be sued for child support? Did liberals make Newt cheat on his second wife in the office while he was displaying moral outrage about Bill Clinton?

We liberals must be awfully busy to cause homicides and to keep making Newt act in morally repugnant ways. I never realized we were this powerful.