Sunday, April 01, 2007

George Bush Declares Himself Urinary Executive

Realizing that the unitary executive idea isn't getting a good review with congress or the american people, George Bush has declared himself the urinary executive instead.

For a man of 60, George Bush has excellent prostate health which he prides himself upon. At his last check up, his doctor remarked that Bush had the colon of a 35 year old. Proud of his results, Bush decided to practice peeing hard for the American people.

Here is an example of his latest work. Laura helped a little bit with aim, but George thought he was headed in the right direction.

Look at that gestalt of splotches. Pollack would be proud. So would Alberto Gonzales. Bush was able to keep the W out of urine doer's path and the results are simply amazing.

Next look for Bush, or 'the UE', to pee on the mold at Walter Reed. He heard that kills the fungus. "Read that on the internets, looking up at the googles.", he was heard to remark.