Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Conservapedia Word of The Day is P.E.T.A.

Picture a 15 year old wingnut child. The Wiccanpedia is just too filled with pagans and secular humanists to be trusted for research purposes. So, you turn to the conservapedia for answers. You are researching political groups for a test in tenth grade social studies class, and you pick PETA as your topic. Clicking on the conservapedia entry gets you this entry.

P.E.T.A - "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" or "People Eat Tasty Animals" to those who know better
A group of idiotic hypocrits & "media tarts" who campaign at the extreme end of the "animal rights" debate, and actually cause animals more harm than good. Known to try to indoctrinate Children with rubbish, insult religious groups, sponsor terrorist groups & promote bad science through a phoney "physicians" group.

Such scholarship and serious reflection on the facts are evident here. It's all about expressing conservative values while being informative to their audience. Ok. I encourage all conservative children to use the Conservapedia as their sole information resource so you will be working for my children, or become president. It happened for GWB.