Friday, March 23, 2007

We Have The Media The Right Wing Wants

By right wing, I am not referring to crazy base land, where James Dobson's word is law, and Pat Robertson's protein shakes are magically delicious. I am referring instead to the moneyed interests behind the GOP. These are the people who have never met a corporate tax break they don't like, a river they can't foul, or a third world worker they haven't wanted to exploit.

The media is beautiful for them. The GOP campaign strategy for the base can often be labeled as the three F's. We will bash fags, protect the flag, and the fetuses. The media is not on the side of the fundamentalists on these issues. This is exactly what the far right wants. If homosexuals were locked in camps, burning the flag was a capital offense, and abortion was criminalized in all cases, it would be the worst day in the lives of these people. The issue must be an unattainable goal.

Let us vote for corporate interests, and we will try very darn hard to get your social agenda passed. Trust us. Oh, drats. Those darn liberals and the media prevented us from tattooing the homosexuals. Thanks for voting for the guys who brought us CAFTA, and tax cuts for the wealthy. Vote for us again, and next time for sure we will pass your neanderthal proposals.

The media plays it's part by supporting the pro corporate agenda of the GOP. They support the war effort that is raking huge profits for the Bechtels, Haliburtons, Carlyle groups. The media supports "free trade", deregulation, and the economic agenda of the right, while helping insure that the base never gets it's way, and continues to vote for politicians who don't have their economic interests at heart.

What's not to like?