Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Thought About The US Attorney Firings

What if this is to run the clock out to January 2009 for statute of limitations on certain criminal acts? As CREW noted on January 11th of this year, bribery of a public official for example has only a five year statute limit. The new ethics bill increases it to eight years.

This isn't retro-active though. So, if the Bush regime fires prosecutors who might go after Republican crooks, and just wait out the next election, everything done before January 21, 2004 is unprosecutable. The date actually will go further. The new US attorneys will have to be sworn in, get staffs, and start investigations. This pushes the effective period of free corruption into the end of 2004. Any shenanigans related to the 2004 election are likely unprosecutable by a democratic administration that takes over because the clock is being run out.

Just a thought.