Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Republicans Denounce Excessive Spending On Investigations

House Democrats are set tomorrow to bring in private sector lawyers -- at a cost of up to $225,000 over the next nine months -- to help committee staff investigate the Bush administration.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr., Michigan Democrat, has drawn up a contract with Washington law firm Arnold & Porter for help in his investigation of the firing of eight federal prosecutors last year, according to an unsigned copy of the contract obtained by The Washington Times.

Republicans denounced the move as "scandal-mongering."
"It doesn't take a quarter-million dollars and an army of lawyers to conclude that U.S. attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president, unless you're a Democrat with a political dog-and-pony show to produce," said Brian Kennedy, a spokesman for House Minority Leader John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican.
"If the goal is to distract from the fact that Democrats have no long-term agenda, they're going to need an outside PR firm, not lawyers," Mr. Kennedy said.

Yeah, $225,000 is a great deal of money to be spent investigating the President's Justice Department to investigate attorneys possibly being fired for political reasons including for not timing prosecutions with elections in New Mexico.

Whitewater cost $60,000,000. We learned that the President lies about sex, and that Monica Lewinsky doesn't swallow or use a dry cleaner often. But that investigation was legitimate and so cost affordable.

This fine citizen Brian Kennedy works for the Boner. The Boner of course supported the impeachment of Bill Clinton, refused to call for Bob Ney's resignation even after Ney admitted taking bribes, and was famous for passing out checks on the house floor from tobacco lobbyists, when a bill killing the subsidy was under debate.

The congressman knows ethics. He apparently teaches his staff well too. The point that continually comes to my mind is hypocrisy. The Republicans investigated Socks the cat for fuck's sake. They investigated the Clinton's Christmas card list. They spent 140 hours on that, 12 hours on Abu Ghraib for those keeping score.

Will the media just simply call them on this crap once? One time is all I am asking. If it was ok to investigate Bill Clinton to the tune of tens of millions of dollars for bullshit, why is it a waste of money to spend $225,000? I know the answer already.

It's Ok If You Are A Republican.