Wednesday, March 14, 2007

President Bush Unhappy About Attorney Firings

President Bush says the firings of several federal prosecutors was mishandled and that he's not happy about it

I have never accused the president of nuance, but this statement is chock full of it. I have charged the president of being full of it before. Does President Bush think it's a bad idea to fire US attorneys who were not doing political prosecutions for the benefit of the GOP? Does he think it's wrong to place Karl Rove's adie into a slot even though he has no real prosecutorial experience? Does he think that Gonzales needed to do a better job at controlling leaks?

Or does the President wish that his people did a better job in getting the MSM to ignore the reporting done by TalkingPointsMemo and handled the press better. Perhaps they could have killed or kidnapped an attractive blonde woman and said to the media, "look, something shiny over there".

I think we might need some more clarification.