Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jenna Bush Writes Book About Global Killer (Not Her Father)

Jenna Bush, in a rare interview, says her forthcoming book for teens — about a 17-year-old single mother in Panama who is living with HIV — will end with a "call to action."

The president's daughter, 25, says the book is not political. It's aimed at "getting kids thinking and involved," Bush said Monday by phone from Panama, where she has worked since September as an unpaid intern for UNICEF.

Bush says she will donate her earnings to UNICEF. She says she "very, very modestly" hopes her book will have some of the influence of two books about girls caught up in the Holocaust: Lois Lowry's novel Number the Stars and Anne Frank's The Diary of Anne Frank.

Jenna is also writing a book about smoking pot with Ashton Kushter, and the best way to get fake ids without getting busted based on her experiences. This tome is scheduled for release next year. Jenna, and Tonica her twin sister, state that proceeds from this literary effort will help pay for Brittney Spears' rehab bills and some totally cute shoes. Jenna hopes "very meekly" that this book will have some of the same influence as "the basketball diaries" because Leo Dicaprio is "like amazingly hot".