Monday, March 19, 2007

Ex CIA Chief John Deutsch Talks Up Global Warming

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The United States must act to cap its emissions of greenhouse gases and join the fight against climate change or risk losing global leadership, a former CIA director said in a report released on Monday.

"The United States must adopt a carbon emission control policy," John Deutch, head of the Central Intelligence Agency in 1995-96, said in a report to the Trilateral Commission, a grouping of business and opinion leaders from Europe, the United States and Asia.

Well, this should get the wingnuts all riled up. A Clinton cabinet member, CIA head, and trilateralist all in one talking about the need to prevent global warming through caps. I believe the right blogosphere will collectively explode in fury, confusion, and conspiracy theories on this news.

I myself think this is a plot between George Soros, Al Gore, and the CIA personally. But don't let them know I said this.