Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Doughy Pantload Discusses Military Justice

In the wake of General Pace's remarks against homosexuality and for the military ban on adultery, chickenhawk Jonah Goldberg whose military expertise consists of watching Red Dawn (The Director's Cut) about 18 times pontificates on the random enforcement of the adultery provision.

Many of the officers I heard from explained to me that these laws are fairly rarely enforced but they are very useful for officers to use at their discretion to maintain unit cohesion. Morale is an animal spirit and doesn't necessarily operate in neat ways, or so I've been told. I'd rather see adultery remain illegal under military law and have officers use their good judgment in enforcing the law than see adultery legalized and have officers lose an important tool.

What Jonah is saying here is that it is better for an officer to be able to bring up somebody on charges, potentially costing them rank, money, and their freedom on a random case by case basis depending on their mood. If an officer for example hates blacks, atheists, jews this is an excellent tool. He ignores everybody else who commits adultery, and one person who he doesn't like does, he singles them out for punishment.

Unlike the 101st keyboarder, I actually did serve in the military. Adultery was rampant. It is true. It was rarely enforced. That is what makes the worst kind of laws. If there is something on the books that isn't being prosecuted, it will be abused to target people for reasons other than the offense. Once the charge is brought and proved, the person's life and career are kind of screwed for a while.

Jonah probably also believes in selective enforcement for perjury as well. If it's about a hummer, you need to be executed (if your name starts with Bill Clinton), but not so much with leaking CIA agents names.

We still need recruits oh fruits of Lucianne's loin. It's just my luck that you would have a hard time scoring with any women and you couldn't be singled out under this policy if you ever had the guts to match your mouth.