Saturday, March 31, 2007

Andrew Sullivan: Quit Talking About Politics

Andrew Sullivan has a short little statement decrying George Clooney discussing his friendship and support of Barack Obama in a LA Times piece.

You're real pretty; you're a serviceable movie actor; but please, please keep your politics to yourself.

That is the extent of Andrew Sullivan's wisdom. The fact the George Clooney isn't a vapid Hollywood airhead I guess is not important. The fact that Clooney travels to the Sudan, investigates what is going on at Darfur, reads a lot, gets briefed on the issues doesn't matter because he is a celebrity. Apparently being pretty is a problem too.

What exactly does Andrew Sullivan have to offer here? He has been wrong alot. He was wrong on the Bush administration until 2004. He was wrong on the Iraq war. He ran around like a hysterical ninny calling people 5th columnists if they didn't bow down in allegiance to George W. Bush. This is the man who is giving advice to George Clooney that he is unqualified to discuss politics?

Please. Andrew, perhaps you should just focus on sleep apnea, and pimping your book and let serious people like George Clooney discuss politics.