Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rudy Guiliani Gets Ringing Endorsement From Mark Levin

There is actually very little that's conservative about Giuliani, other than his law-enforcement record. Yes, he made the trains run on time, but some of his supporters are willing to write-off large segments of the conservative coalition, which are not found in New York City or the District of Columbia, with their wave-of-the-hand dismissal of serious issues Giuliani will have to overcome. But please, spare us the fiction that he's some great conservative. If I vote for him, it will be because all the Democrats are so deplorable, not because of his embrace of radical environmentalism, open borders, gun control, abortion, and the rest of it.

I am just wondering what the rest of it is? Could it be the multiple infidelities, screwing his cousin, dressing in drag or what? Don't leave us hanging here.