Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bodyguards for South Korean Students

The South Korean government is to provide free bodyguards to students who are being targeted by violent bullies.
The bodyguards, who may be police officers or security guards, will accompany students to their classroom.

"We are going to try to protect the student who is being bullied and find out who is doing the bullying" said education official Park Jung-hee.

It would be a great idea for America, but there aren't enough police officers to go around with the amount of brutalization of teen-agers done here through the hallowed hallways of our local educational establishments. We would have to dip into the security guard pool to protect every child. Let's be honest and admit school is embarassing enough without having Gary Coleman protecting you against a real life Gooch.

It's a good idea actually. There is a point when rites of passage become torture, and South Korea which has a much lower issue with bullying has decided not to let it escalate it further to becoming out of control.