Thursday, February 22, 2007

Promote It Like Beckham

A likely blockbuster announcement from MLS is the jersey sponsorship for David Beckham's Los Angeles Galaxy. Two sources have confirmed that the bidding is down to Citibank and Herbalife (and, interestingly, not Beckham sponsor adidas). The Citibank offer to have its name across the front of Galaxy shirt, the sources said, is a monster: five years, $49 million. A decision is expected any day.

I kind of hope Herbalife wins just because it would be amusing. Nascar has outfits and cars covered with logos and world football (soccer) has of course cashed in on the same money cow. Chico's Bail Bonds on your jersey says you are playing with pride. Beckham is pretty much paying for himself right away with the money being tossed Los Angeles' way. Plus, he and Posh are helping to feed several extra paparazzi in the Sunshine State, helping the local economy. Kodak and Fuji are likely to see increased profits as well.