Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Honoring Ronald Reagan The Proper Way

It seems that the one thing that unites Republicans is that we should put Ronald Reagan's name and face everywhere. Be it on airports or Trade Centers and even a Mountain in New Hampshire.

Right now, while secretly plotting to chisel his face on Mt. Rushmore, they are upset with new Massachussetts governor Deval Patrick, and still trying to get FDR off the dime to be replaced with the Gipper.

Enough is enough already. We have an appropriate and dignified way to honor the former President. Hear me out. How about proclaiming our national IOU, the Ronald Reagan Memorial Debt. Considering he near tripled it during his term, and collected more debt just during his administration than all other administrations combined before him, it would be a fitting honor. That way, we can say that George W. Bush is honoring the legacy of Dutch Reagan each time he spends like a drunken sailor in Iraq, feeding contracts to contractors/donors, and giving more tax cuts to the very wealthy.

Let's do this one for the Gipper.