Friday, February 23, 2007

Hillary Clinton Is In Debt To Financial Services Companies

Many of Bill Clinton's six-figure speeches have been made to companies whose employees and political action committees have been among Hillary Clinton's top backers in her Senate campaigns. The New York investment giant Goldman Sachs paid him $650,000 for four speeches in recent years. Its employees and PAC have given her $270,000 since 2000 -- putting it second on the list of her most generous political patrons.

The banking firm Citigroup, whose employees and PAC have been Hillary Clinton's top source of campaign donations, with more than $320,000, paid her husband $250,000 for a speech in France in 2004. Last year, it committed $5.5 million for Clinton's Global Initiative to help encourage entrepreneurship and financial education among the poor.

Asked about the companies
and their relationship to the Clintons, Jay Carson, a spokesman for the former president, said, "It certainly makes sense that reputable New York companies who support the policies and works of President Clinton and his foundation would also be supportive of their senator."

We should be looking towards real reforms of these industries once Hillary Clinton takes office right? I mean, they are giving her all this money because they feel upset that their big bonus checks are being taxed at a lower rate, forcing deficits, program cuts and the like. That is why they are passing out the money like it grows on trees. They want an intervention, and Hillary Clinton is there to give it.