Thursday, February 15, 2007

Darwin v. Theocracy in Kansas: Round 2

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The same ol’ science vs. religion dispute erupts again in the same state that had previously ruled teachers should become “downgraded-preachers” and that scientific evidence for the evolutionist theory is too scarce.

The State Board of Education approved new, evolution-friendly science standards with a 6-4 vote Tuesday, replacing ones that questioned the theory and had the support of "intelligent design" advocates.

The shift towards the evolution-friendly approach in Kansas schools is not the result of some scientific breakthrough, it’s merely the outcome of the elections that took place last year for the State Board of Education. A coalition of moderate Republicans and Democrats decided it’s time to favor Darwin again instead of God, making this the fifth change in standards for Kansas schools in less than 8 years.

It is a shame that in the year 2007, we are having to fight against a backlash against science and reason. Most faiths, including long hold-outs such as the Catholic Church, have come to terms with science and accept it as part of God's plan. Others are still mired in the dark ages, believe that science is the enemy of faith, and continue to try to dumb down curriculum.

For some reason the US is only saved by Turkey from the dubious distinction of being the most anti-science country in the industrial world. Only 40% of Americans believe in evolution. In Europe the numbers are in the 70-80% range. We are going to get destroyed in research if we continue to reject rationality. Ironically, it was our religious belief in the evil empire of the USSR that helped foster so much focus on science starting in the 1950's, but apparently we are devolving fast into a society that believes more in magic than in experimentation and logic.