Thursday, February 15, 2007

Condi Rice's Pants Are On Fire

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice misled the U.S. Congress when she said last week that she had not seen a 2003 Iranian proposal for talks with the United States, a former senior government official said on Wednesday.

Flynt Leverett, who worked on the National Security Council when it was headed by Rice, likened the proposal to the 1972 U.S. opening to China. He said he was confident it was seen by Rice and then-Secretary of State Colin Powell but "the administration rejected the overture."

Speaking at a conference on Capitol Hill, Leverett said "this was a serious proposal, a serious effort" by Iran to lay out a comprehensive agenda for U.S.-Iranian rapprochement

In defense of Condi, at this point she has to assume that everybody knows she is lying. It sets up an interesting philosophical discussion in my mind. If we all know she won't tell the truth, is it really a lie? Perhaps in a reverse psychology kind of way, she was telling the truth in the only way she knows how.