Sunday, February 18, 2007

Con-Agra Sued Over Peanut-Butter Salmonella Breakout

A Missouri couple sued ConAgra Foods Inc. on Friday over a salmonella outbreak linked to its peanut butter, and their attorney said more suits will follow.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Kansas City by Susanna and Brian Cox of St. Joseph. It claims that Susanna Cox and the couple's two children began developing gastrointestinal illnesses in October after eating Great Value Peanut Butter, made by ConAgra. The two children required urgent medical treatment, according to the lawsuit.

The couple seek unspecified damages.

What disturbs me about this story is not that the salmonella happened. Even people being totally safe, accidents can happen. What is troubling is that the recall is going back to May 2006. Was any testing done? How could salmonella be sitting in these jars for nearly a year without the FDA or Con-Agra figuring out this was going on earlier? Both the company and the FDA should be subjected to a lot of questions based on these reports. I got a nasty nasty case of food poisoning this fall, and I did have con-agra's peanut butter in my house. I assumed I ate bad chicken, but who knows now if that was the cause? I also had a peanut butter and banana sandwich near the time I got sick. For some weird reason, the peanut butter was never considered as a possible culprit. Go figure.

Food safety is something this administration thinks is a way to interfere with business profits, but my medical bills, plus oh the liquid blood coming out of my tuckus makes me wonder if this company's lax safety procedures created one week of horrendous pain and discomfort for me. I care more about that, then the fractions of a cent per jar that they likely save by not being more careful.