Sunday, February 18, 2007

Automatic Toilet Seat Designer Can't Get Flush

William Hussey, CEO & Founder of The Bottoms Up, LLC has decided to give his company away in an attempt to get his invention manufactured. In case you missed it, in October 2006, The Bottoms Up introduced a 100% fully automatic toilet seat. The prototype can be viewed at WWW.THEBOTTOMSUP.BIZ.

Mr. Hussey, the company founder, says, "I've pretty much exhausted every possible avenue to get this product made. It is virtually impossible to find Angel investors and it is even more difficult to get the larger companies to cooperate on innovation."

The Bottoms Up, LLC was previously offering 50% ownership equity in return for start-up capital.

Mr. Hussey goes on to say, "In a country where manufacturing jobs are being lost by the tens of thousands, I would find it ironic if I couldn't give this concept away. For an established manufacturer, this could present a terrific new product line. Who knows, it may even create a few jobs."

The man is getting a shitty deal here. Many of my seven readers might not give a turd about this man's dream, but his crappy product actually is very useful. Hands free operation, the seat getting put down automatically so the wife won't bitch about having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and the seat being in the "incorrect" position.

This does remind me of something though Why is down correct? What about guys who have to pee in the middle of the night? We have to check? Why is it our job to do that, and we catch the spiders too. Oh, and if we actually kill it in a kleenex instead of gently scooping it up and placing it ouside to commune with nature we are the worst person on the planet. Why is that?

I also have been told that men are not allowed to have urinals in the bathroom to resolve this program because "they don't go with the decor" and they "look icky" in there. It wouldn't match the decorative hand towels and soap that we can't use. Perhaps we should just find a tree in the backyard.

Or we could fund this man's vision. From Thomas Crapper to William Hussey, men have improved bathroom technology because for God's sake we need to do something.