Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Freepers Celebrate Diversity

A new census study, as reported in the NY Times, has revealed that 10% of US counties now have a non white majority. Let's check in with our friends at Free Republic to see how these ambassadors of conservative America celebrate this news. These are good Bill O'Reilly loving folks, unlike the haters at the Daily Kos.

So does this mean if I move to these counties I can qualify for minority scholarships and loans to start a business?

I want reparations!

So now, are the rules against racial slurs relaxed, since I am a minority now, I can get away with bigot-speech against others?

Didn’t think so.

I want me some affirmitary axshun. And throw in some of that substandard edumacation.

Woo hoo! Food stamps for everyone!

I am a Victim! Where is my check?

I’m more concerned with the number of muslims, regardless of race/ethnicity.

So Thats Jorge doesn’t give a rats ass about the border fence?

This has been another edition of conservatives breathing loudly out of their mouths.