Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I See Stupid People.

Michael Medved should go back to reviewing movies on the basis of how many naughty words they expose our children to per hour. This gig as a political commentator is not working out too well.

In today's episode of Medved might be mentally challenged, Michael decries the mean media for bringing up the fact that the GOP is filled with lunatics who deny the theory of evolution. In burnt sienna crayon, Medved wrote the following.

In the midst of the fierce campaign for the Presidential nomination, why did the Republican candidates choose to make an issue of the theory of evolution? In truth, none of the candidates ever emphasized this dispute, until Chris Matthews of MSNBC asked the ten contenders in the first debate if any of them rejected Darwin.

Our batshit insane candidates wanted to paper over their views that Jesus rode on a brontosaurus when a donkey wasn't available. Leave it to the liberal media to make them talk about their views.

When three candidates – Huckabee, Brownback and Tancredo – duly raised their hands, the media began focusing on creationism vs. intelligent design vs. evolution, as if the President of the United States got to make curriculum decisions for every local school board in the country.

No, the President gets to appoint 24 year old snot nosed kids to NASA to edit scientists work that mention things such as global warming, and to suggest that they push intelligent design. God don't make junk, and since we are created in his image, it's unpossible for us to foul the air with toxic crap.

Establishment media often accuse religious conservatives of injecting polarizing social issues into political campaigns but this time it’s the press itself that won’t let the controversies subside—raising odd debate questions about gays in the military, and even Terry Schiavo.

Ok. Now I am confused. Gays in the military is a solved issue and we should just let it die? I thought you all thought Don't Ask Don't Tell went too far. Terri Schiavo shouldn't have been brought up Medved. That was the example of politicians, you know such as a President, trying to intervene in a matter between a husband and wife to appease James Dobson. Therefore, since you guys can't control your whackitude, it is incumbent on the press to find out if you are Rick Warrenish, or the full Pat Robertson. The devil is in the details.

The President of the United States is profoundly powerful but even he (or she) doesn’t get to decide the truth or falsehood of various explanations for the origins of life.

No. He can just cut funding to overseas family planning clinics, cut funding for science research, veto stem stell research, use his bully pulpit. Nothing big. The President is just an honorary title anyways. As we all know, the Vice Presidency is where the true power lies.