Monday, April 09, 2007

Don Imus Suspended From MSNBC. Freepers Respond

Brian Williams announced on NBC news tonight that Don Imus has been suspended from his MSNBC simulcast for two weeks due to his offensive remarks, where he called women's basketball players "nappy headed ho's". In this continuing serious on the freeper on the street reaction to breaking news, let's see what the posters on one of conservatism's most popular websites, have to say about this headline.

Political Correctness prevails.

For what he said or becoming Sharpton’s bitch?

Ante up, kids. How much will Rev. AhhhJacksssssson shake NBC down for?

Hey Imus,freedom of speech ain’t for Whitey!

Imus is delusional if he thinks that will be enough to satisfy those “nappy headed racist rabble rousing pimps”

maybe they will put on the AL SHARPTON show

I dislike Imus. But I don’t know what all the gloating is about here. Conservatives should be VERY disturbed by this sort of political correctness run amok

NBC is caving to a confirmed liar, a noisy RAT Congressman. It’s PC carried to extremes. I never liked Imus, but he should have known that he would lose this one to the PC crowd. His multiple apologies were of no account in the affair.

Because he said 'nappy?' Would Webster's please, please, please publish a Dictionary of Forbidden Words?

Imus might be a disgusting liberal but as already pointed out Rush was fired for a vaguely similar thing. The fact that the race-baiting lobby has the power to get people they don’t like off the air is disturbing and if they continue to gain in power it will hurt a lot of conservatives.

Today of course is the day the NY Times has gone after the dirty hippy liberal bloggers for being uncivil. Watertiger and Digby amongst others have takes on this issue. I point out the Freepers being freepers because of the double standard in the media. If liberals say fuck we are terrible human beings. If right wingers say let's torture, murder, bomb people that is given a pass, because they didn't use an f bomb when making racist, violent, xenophobic statements.