Friday, January 25, 2008


(Full disclosure: I support John Edwards)

One of the disturbing media memes of the past several weeks is that John Edwards needs to drop out. This was said after New Hampshire when just a fraction of delegates were committed. His chance of winning was dropping, therefore he should just pack up his bags and go home.

Of course, there was no reflecting on any role the media might have played in his poor showing. Up until the end, Edwards was continually in the lead or in second place in Iowa all summer and spring long, but unless a political junkie, you would be hard pressed to know it wasn't just an Obama/Hillary fight for the nomination.

Why should Edwards get out? Assume that this will be a 40 Obama, 40 Clinton, 20 Edwards race in delegates. Isn't this the very reason that Edwards should stay in, even with no shot of winning?

The jaded press assumes that all candidates are in it just for themselves. If they aren't going to win, they need to leave.

Assume for one moment, that a candidate genuinely believes in their message a little. Being in third place with two people at the top, possibly neither having enough delegates to win due to his being forced to make a deal.

They would make concessions. Obama might go further on health care. Hillary might fight harder for worker rights. All of this possible because Edwards ignores what the media instructs him is his duty.

Keep fighting John.